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Site-map of Korput’s Website

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What’s New about Korput — older news


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What’s New about Korput

● 2015 December– KORPUT has started providing Turkish Legal Translation service to the worldwide famous, Dell UK — Legal content of DELL has been delicately translated into Turkish over the international market by the help of Korput. ● 2015 October– KORPUT has started providing Turkish Translation Service to worldwide giant company, P&G USA Global via LIBRIX — P&G’s Worldwide respected ‘Respect Training’ has been translated by Korput. ● 2015 September– KORPUT has completed an Economic Assets & Market Prices Research for a Danish based research company, named Factor Planet — With intensive researches, ‘Turkish Market’ is better understood by Europe with the help of Korput. ● 2015 August– KORPUT has continued providing Call Center Service to the taxi company, UBER Turkey — International service can ‘locally settle’ by the help of Korput. ● 2015 July– KORPUT has started providing...

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About Korput

  KORPUT Web Development and Services company ( Officially Korput Internet Bilisim Danismanlik ve Insan Kaynaklari Ticaret Limited Sirketi ) was founded on 19-January-2006 in Kavacik – Istanbul – Turkey. Ever since then, Korput has always been client-satisfaction focused, serving to various Global & Fortune500 company clients from all around the world — like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Yandex, Coca-Cola, Sony UK, Finish, Symantec, and Über;  as well as  Turkish local clients like Unilever, Praktiker, Tesco Kipa.   Here in Korput, our focus is to maximize utility of our clients from the products and services offered by us.  Working with high level of excellence approach, perfectionism and ethics,  Korput has always been trying to deliver the best for the most affordable and reasonable rates for our clients.   Korput has been operating in various fields and sectors both in domestic...

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